Top Furniture Trends of 2020

Interior design will never be complete without some gigantic bed in the master’s bedroom or those big sofas in the living room. In fact, appliances and furniture are among the top elements that are assessed in home inspection San Jose. They give the house the functionality it needs as well as the aesthetics of the whole interior.  

If you are looking for some furniture ideas, read through this article as we will share with you the on-trend furniture looks that caught the eyes of the professional interior designers this year. From the Mid-Century influence, sustainable materials, to bold upholstery choices, there is a lot to discover and try on.  

Mid-Century Modern Furniture 

This iconic style is characterized by some pieces of lean, sleek lines, and some bold colors of retro patterns and design. The combination of mid-century and modern styles creates its simple, sophisticated looks. When you are looking for this style, look for touchable and funky patterns, wood grain, and bold colors for the best representation of this hybrid design.  

Multi-Functional Furniture 

Modern times require less space and more functionality. This is the reason why furniture that serves two or more purposes has become a trend now. There are tables and chairs that have hidden storage, hidden storage, adaptable parts that can be moved and repurpose as necessary.  

Asymmetrical Metal Furniture 

Typically, classic metal pieces have the right curves and angles. But this modern metal furniture is nothing like the classic ones. The new intricate metalwork pieces are in a rugged black and industrial spaces that glimmer in gold, silver, or brass. 

Sustainable, Natural Furniture Materials 

This is characterized by the rustic and natural style that more akin to the environment. You can achieve this when you choose rattan, wood, bamboo, or any recycled materials that are friendly to the environment.  

Menswear-Like Furniture 

This design takes up its form from the neutral pattern but it takes a little incorporation of subtle texture and pattern. You can see this in industrial-inspired designs, dark wood stained furniture, denim, leather upholstery, and texture fabrics that can be mixed to make this kind of furniture. This kind of style can be very ideal for dining and living rooms.  

Jungle-patterned Furniture 

This design uses jungle-printed designs that manifest both in textures, patterns, and colors. This provides a maximalist approach to style and furniture. It can be in a mix of smaller pieces of cabinets, chairs, and ottomans mixed with your neutrals. It adds intricateness to the neutrals that you have at home. In using this style, knowing how to use and work with jungle motifs will help you choose the right furniture. 

Artisan-inspired Furniture 

This style is featured by handcrafted elements, imperfect aesthetic, and natural elements that give that “artisan” feels to whoever looks at the furniture. This adds crispness to your neutrals and modern style home.  

Final Thoughts 

We have given you the trendiest and hottest designs and styles in furniture in 2020. It is important to note that you can mix and experiment with the number of styles and designs that you see here. After all, a personalized home is always pretty to look at.  

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