How employees benefit from employment laws


Over the years, we have seen the formulation and enactment of different sets of employment laws. These laws are very important more especially to employees as they codify and clarify a number of obligations that business owners have towards their employees. For those who have read some history, you must acknowledge the fact that labor movements have fought for a long time to ensure that employment laws are formulated and put in place so that the employees enjoy the benefits of this laws. Some of these benefits include the protection of the worker’s rights, the improvement of the safety standards of working of the employees, the prevention of child labor and increasing the bargaining power of employees when it comes to agitation for pay increments. While this laws can at times be considered as a sort of bureaucratic hassles they bring a lot of benefits to employees. Let us look at some of those benefits that employees can get from employment laws.

Prevention of discrimination


The number one benefits that employees get from employment laws is that they ensure that the employees are protected from any mode of discrimination. The major essence that brought forte the enactment of employment laws is to stop an employer from conducting an active discrimination against any employee. The world over, employment laws have ensured that employees are protected by the law against any form of discrimination based on their color, gender, race sex, national origin, religion, or even disability. The laws go further and protect employees from being discriminated based on their genetic information, age or even their citizenship status.


Ensures uniform minimum wage application

Before the law on minimum wage came into being, all the powers to determine the least amount or wage that an employee could be paid solely lay on the hands of the employer. For instance, during the great depression, people where paid wages that could not support them personally, leave alone the entire family. To ensure that this was counted, the first punch of employment laws were formulated in the form of federal minimum wage laws. Due to the employment laws, it is now possible for one to be sure of receiving a minimum wage that can support their family.

They ensure workplace safety

Another very important benefit of the application of employment laws is that they have helped in the regulation and improvement of workplace safety. Even though before there were laws that regulated workplace safety and issues to do with workers health, their implementation was not only sporadic but uneven too. But with the implementation of workplace laws issues like bad working conditions, noise levels, extreme temperatures electrical hazards and high noise levels could now be addressed. With the help of these laws, the working conditions were not only improved, but one could be compensated for any injuries suffered while in the work place.

Child protection

rfcghcvghvhgvhgvghvhThe employment laws also prevents the use of child labor. They stipulate that one should not employ children who are less than 14 years not unless they are working in their parents business. The laws further gives guidelines on the hours that the children are supposed to work and under what conditions. The laws have also ensured that employees are working for reasonable hours, they are protected and receive reasonable wages.