Vinyl flooring is durable and that’s a fact. They require low maintenance and come in various layout choices. Vinyl flooring has undeniably become the most preferred flooring type, even if compared side-by-side with ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, panel boards, and manufactured wood. 

Statistics show that vinyl contributed $2.2 billion to the flooring industry, which is an increase of 8.5%, It is still one of the leaders in the flooring industry, trailing carpet floors by a narrow margin. Vinyl has gained its credibility as a legendary flooring system due to a lot of reasons, but mainly for its durability and resiliency. Here are more benefits of installing vinyl flooring

1. Style and Performance  

Some of the types of vinyl floors that can be installed in homes are sheets, tiles, planks, and laminates. Luxury vinyl tiles are also common, and they are the most popular type because of their performance and style. Luxury vinyl tiles are also user-friendly, which means they require easy installation, and they can be placed over almost all types of floors. LVT is popular because it contains more vinyl material than regular types. This, in turn, allows it to look and function better. 

2. Highly Preferred by Experts 

Another explanation of why vinyl floors are so popular these days is because of the growth of the residential and commercial housing markets. Experts prefer to install a vinyl floor than any of their other choices.  

In general, residential applications are where most of the sales of vinyl flooring are concentrated. But many commercial developments have also seen the use of vinyl flooring. More businesses are switching to vinyl flooring for their offices and shopping centers due to their longevity and practicality. 

3. Family Friendly  

Aside from being durable, vinyl floors are low maintenance. Since they are easy to maintain, they are the best solutions for townhouses, condominiums, and family-owned homes. This type of flooring also works well for families with children and pets. It also favors new built-homes and families with a tight budget.  

Vinyl flooring is durable because it could take in a lot of stress and still maintain its quality. It requires low maintenance because all leaks and drops can be handled quickly. It’s simple to use because these floors don’t cost as much as other flooring options, but they work just as well. Another explanation of why vinyl flooring perfectly fits multi-family homes is due to the effectiveness of its layout. Vinyl floors are built to look as authentic as possible, yet its design options are endless. 

Hire Vinyl Flooring Installation Experts   

Certified vinyl floor manufacturers believe that the success of vinyl flooring isn’t just a phenomenon. It’s because premium vinyl flooring offers unbeatable performance and quality. Vinyl flooring offers an extensive selection of designs and solutions to match the look of almost all types of natural floors, such as the ones made with marble, granite, stone, wood, and limestone. It can also offer metallic finishes and several unique surfaces. If you need help in installing vinyl flooring, you simply have to call an expert and let them do the job for you.